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The methd of protecing SKF bearing from corrosion

        Three methods of protecing SKF bearing from corrosion by painting the anti-corrosion oil

         Immersion method: Some small-scale import bearings take the measure of  immersed in anti-corrosion oil, the oil thickness can be achieved by controlling the anti-corrosion oil’ temperature or viscosity .

         Brush Method: be attention to paint on the surface of import bearings homogeneous, do not have piled up and pay attention to prevent the leakage . 

         Spray method: Some large-scale anti-corrosion material not suitable for the use of immersion , generally spray it in the clean air place with about 0.7Mpa pressure compressed air filters. Such approach must take nice fire safety and labor protection measures.

         Some customers’bearings have rusted,but please don’t worry,following we will provide the pre-solve way of surface rust of SKF import bearing:
The cleaning of surface:the cleaning must consider the surface characteristic of import bearings and the condition at that time.The general way include cleaning method, mechanical cleaning and chemical treatment cleaning method.
The surface can be blowed dry by the air drying filter after drying and cleaning,or take the dryer to dry with 120~170 ℃,and finally wipe it with clean gauze.
Through the study of above knowledge,we believe that you have a new perspective on protecting SKF bearings from corrosion.

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